Company Overview
We restore and clean water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold, sewage, odors and storm damage in Wausau WI and Central Wisconsin.

We will do everything humanly possible to help restore peoples lives, homes, and businesses to normal. We know that doing the best technical job is expected. What we do is understand the emotional needs of those involved and deliver a remarkable service experience.

No two disasters are alike and no two people experience a disaster or loss situation in exactly the same way.

Your disaster may be a pet accident on the living room carpet the week before company arrives; an inch of water in the basement due to a washing machine malfunction; a soot stained wall from a stovetop grease fire; or fire and water damage at a hotel or apartment complex. define “Disaster”, rest assured we will be there when you need us.

Founded as a moth-proofing company in 1929 by Marion E. Wade, a former minor league baseball player, ServiceMaster had its beginnings in Chicago where Wade worked out of his home. Wade had a strong personal faith and a desire to honor God in all he did. Translating this into the marketplace, he viewed each individual employee and customer as being made in God's image - worthy of dignity and respect. His successors, Ken Hansen and Ken Wessner, also shared this view. Today the company has evolved to more than 5000 company-owned and franchise locations worldwide. These three leaders shaped what became our company objectives: To Honor God in All We Do; To Help People Develop; To Excel with Customers; and To Grow Profitably.

The ServiceMaster Commitment includes our foundational commitment to Honor God in all we do, our eight values and three core objectives to Help People Develop, Excel With Customers and Grow Profitably.
Company Summary
ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings
Number of Employees
(715) 842-2488
3201 Market Street
Green Bay, WI